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About Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh was created out of the largest Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It lies to the southeast of Madhya Pradesh. Chhattisgarh is endowed with a rich cultural and historical legacy. The state of Chhattisgarh is well known for its profuse verdant surroundings. There were 18 forts on either side of the river Shivnath. The site was named Chhattisgarh following the 36 forts in the Southern Kosal. Southern Kosal is the ancient name of the state of Chhattisgarh. Raipur is the capital city of Chhattisgarh. There are sixteen districts in the state of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh is no less famous from the archaeological point of view too. Malhar, Talagaon, Pali, Dhanpur, Sargaon, Devgarh, Belsar, Devkoot, Durg and Bastar are some of the important archaeological sites of the state. There are a good number of sanctuaries and national parks as well. Kanger Ghati National Park, Indrawati National Park and Sanjay National Park are the much visited national parks of Chhattisgarh. Among the famous sanctuaries are Achanakmar Sanctuaries, Badalkhol, Gomarda, Samersot, Sitanadi, Udayanti, Tamorpigala sanctuaries.
Ratanpur.chhattisgarh Danteshwari mandirChamparan  Mandir

Danteshwari Temple

It is an ancient temple built by the kings of Bastar for inhabiting there family Goddess ,Devi Danteshwari. Devi Danteshwari is the Goddess of entire Bastar division, equally worshipped by Hindus as well as tribals.This temple is located beside Bastar palace and near to Gole Bazar.It is worth seeing and pleasant to watch the temple during the famous Bustar Dusshera festival season, decorated in color lights and lambs, where the main traditional functions of the festivals are being carried out.


Bilaspur is known for its kosa silk and the quality of its rice. It is the second largest city in Chhattisgarh, and home to the High Court. The city is approximately 400 years old. The name is derived from Bilasa, the name for fisherwomen


Ratanpur was once the capital of Chhattisgarh. It is situated about 25 km from Bilaspur on the Katghora Road. According to the locals, the place had an importance in all the 4 yugs (ages) of Hinduism - Sat yug, Treta yug, Dwaapar yug and Kal yug.
The ruins of an old fort can also be seen. The old fort has an attractive stone sculpture over the frame of the Ganesh gate. The entrance gate of the old fort has Shiva's Tandav dance and statues of Lord Bramha and Lord Vishnu. Inside, there are the Sitchourai and Jagarnath temples

Dudhadhari Math

The Dudhadhari Math was built by king Jaitsingh in the 17th century. In those days the main saint of the Math used to accept offerings of milk only, hence the name Dudhadhari. The Math lies in the " Purani Basti" area of Raipur


Sirpur is located at a distance of 77 km from Raipur. Buddha Vihar, Swastik Vihar,Laxman Temple and the Museum are the main attractions of Sirpur.


Situated at a distance of 56 km from Raipur, Champaran has attractions like the Champkeshwar Mahadev Temple and the birth place of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya.

Sirpur Mandir RajimTatagrambhoramdev mandir


Rajim is located at the confluence of rivers Mahanadi, Pairi and Sondhul. Rajivlochan Temple, Kuleshwar Mahadev Temple, Someshwar Mahadev Temple, Rajimatelin Temple, Ramchandra Temple, Jagannath Temple and Brahmcharya Ashram are the main attractions of the place.


Talagram is famous for "Deorani-Jethani" temple and is situated appx. 25 Kms. from Bilaspur on Bhojpur-Dagori road. The another name of Talagram is ameri-kapa gram. There is a wondeful statue present in the temple which is approximately 7 ft. height , 4 ft. width and weighed 8 tons. People from all corners of the world come to see the statue. There is no any name has been given to that statue even after several years.


Situated on the eastern border of Chhattisgarh, Raigarh is famous for its lush green forests, waterfall, parks and temples. Raigarh is also well known for Dhokra Casting - an art of producing metalware by the process of hot wax casting and its silk products including the Tassar Silk and Mulberry Silk. Visit and explore this enchanting district of Chhattisgarh on Tours to Raigarh.

The major tourist attractions of Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh include the Ram Jharna - a natural water source and a fascinating picnic spot and the Gomarda Forest Reserve, which is home to many rare and endangered wild animals including tigers. Raigarh also has some beautiful parks such as Kamla Nehru Park and Indira Vihar Park. Among temples the Gaurishankar Mandir, Banjari Mandir and Chandrahasini Temple are the most prominent


Sarangarh is located at a distance of 46 km southwest of the district of Raigarh. The main tourist attractions of Sarangarh are Kinkari Dam, Kedar Dam, Gomarda Sanctuaries and Giribilas Palace

Chitrakut Waterfall Kutumbswar caves Tirathgarh waterfall

Chitrakut Waterfall

chitrakot, the gorgeous waterfall is on the river Indravati, situated at a distance of 38 Km. in the west of Jagdalpur. Height of this waterfall is approximately 100ft.The Chitrakot waterfalls can be called as the smaller form of the world famous Nayagra waterfalls.The rainbow colors of the falls attracts the tourists at the first sight itself. This is the prime atttaction for all tourists and worth seeing in rainly season, between July and October. These waterfalls are in a horse-shoe shape and often compared to the great Niagara. A government rest house is available. Chitrakot Waterfalls

Tirathgarh Waterfall

These waterfalls are situated at a distance of 35 Km. from Jagdalpur in south west direction and can be approached these waterfalls through the state highway of Jagdalpur to Sukma. The waterfall is actually situated in Kanger Valley National Park and the height is approximately 300 ft. This place is a favorite picnic resort, especially for large groups looking for a day-long picnic in a forest. The good season for visiting these waterfalls is from October to February. A Government rest house is also available.

Kutumsar Caves and Kailash Gufa

This is a biggest tourist attraction, and are close to Tiratgarh waterfalls. Both Kutumsar Caves and Kailash Gufa are located in Kanger Valley National Park and situated at a distances of 38 Km. and 40 Km. from Jagdalpur respectively. The kutumsar caves are pitch-dark caves, which has Stalactites and Stalagmites in fantastic formations. A forest guard equipped with a torchlight will be provided for necessary guidance. Kailash gufa is also similar to the Kutumsar caves                                                                       
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