Geography and climate of Raipur

geography of raipur

The new city of Raipur is located near the centre of a large plain, sometimes referred as the "rice bowl of India", where hundreds of varieties of rice are grown.The Mahanadi River flows to the east of the city of Raipur, and the southernside has dense forests. The Maikal Hills rise on the north-westof Raipur; on the north, the land rises and merges with the Chota Nagpur Plateau, which extends north-east across Jharkhand state.On the south of Raipur lies the Baster Plateau.

Raipur is the capital of the newly formed state of Chattisgarh with the Mahanadi River to its east and thick forests to the south. The climate of the city is quiet warm during the months of summer with temperature reaching up to 45 'C proper care should be taken to avoid getting any kind of heat related aliments. The winters are quiet pleasant with temperature dropping up to 10 'C. The best time to visit the city is during the months of October to March.

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