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Chhattisgarh has rich traditional folk songs among which sohar, bihav & Pathoni songs are famous. - Sohar songs are related to child birth. - Bihav songs are related to marriage celebration. The main parts of Bihav songs are Chulmati, Telmati, Maymouri, Nahdouri, Parghani, Bhadoni and other songs related to Bhanver, Vidai songs. Pathoni songs are related to Gouna that is, the departure of a bride to the bridegroom's home.

Pandavani is a well-known ballad musical narrative, essentially based on the stories in the epic Mahabharata, but with Bhima as hero. Teejan Bai is the internationally acclaimed Pandavani artist, who was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2003 for her contribution to Pandavani. Ritu Verma is also well known.

features on this webpage are collected from various sources. specially would like to mention Chhattisgarhi Geet Sangi for old chhattisgarhi songs and their lyrics.
link - Chhattisgarh Geet Sangi

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